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Why I don't look good in photos

I have heard it repeatedly, and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, most people hate how they look in photos. It’s the first thing someone would mention before a photo session and possibly why a person would avoid one in the first place. Hence the reason why selfies are so popular because you can take pics of yourself repeatedly until you get your best angle. Apparently, this angle or mirror image of yourself is pure foolery because according to a new study, conducted by Dr David White, has found that the pictures we choose to represent ourselves aren’t accurate depictions of what we look like in person. In fact, a total stranger is better at picking photos that “look like us” than we are (cited by Isn’t that something!

I remember one of my aunts got so upset with me when I took a random shot of her for my memory keeping. She had this beautiful, amazing smile that I captured at the moment, but yet she saw flaws that I didn’t even observe on my end. Alas, I had to delete the photo. Hence the reason I don’t like to show clients or models images from my camera because I would see this beauty before me but they would see their deep smile lines, uneven eyes, sparse hairline or big arms. The self-criticism is endless.

So how to cure the disease of self-criticism. Let go or better yet ask for another perspective. Always remember that the one flaw you think you have, most times it’s barely noticeable by others. Instead of avoiding pictures, get someone to take lots of pictures of you. You will be amazed how great you can look.

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