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How to refresh your makeup at an evening post

You have just completed your makeup look after looking at youtube tutorial or better yet hired a professional makeup artist to do your makeup. You look stunning and want to keep it that way even after you dance under the stars all night.

Here are few tips to freshen up your makeup for an all-nighter

1. Discreetly pull out a mirror to assess the situation. More than likely, there isn’t an area to privately touch up the makeup so have your compact mirror at hand.

2. Use blotting sheets or 1 ply tissue ( separate two-ply) to blot unwanted shine. Gently press the paper with a patting motion on the skin. Do not wipe because the makeup could move if not set correctly.

3. Walk with a translucent powder to touch up after blotting. Avoid powder application on wet skin to prevent the cakey look. Instead of retouching the entire face, lightly dust powder in T-

Zone area.

4. Use long-wearing matte lipsticks if you love bright colours and have difficulty keeping lipstick on your lips. Other formulas will not last the night if you always lick your lips and if you are wearing bright coloured lipstick, it looks messy. Urgh!  The best bet would be wearing nude  lipstick and reapply during the night.

Most people could not be bothered to refreshen up during their evening out especially at a party. However, if you are a diva with the paparazzi following you all night or a selfie queen, then nothing is worse than seeing the grease not glow on your skin. Therefore take a moment and pack your bag with your touch up kit for an outstanding look all evening.

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