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Quick and Easy makeup tip for Zoom meetings

We have consistently remained an advocate for looking polished at work whether it's wearing daytime makeup or a clean, luminous skin with a sleek hairstyle. We don't present the look like you are at home at all. No! Please don't it.

Okay now with Covid-19 pandemic, some of us may be working at home where the office may ask us to attend ZOOM meetings that begin in a few minutes. You require a look thats quick and still polished. Therefore, employ SMART, not Hard method. We would like to suggest you focus solely on specific facial features, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes (optional), cheekbones and lips. That's it!

Start with cleansed skin, and use your favourite facial oil as the base. Lightly conceal trouble areas then apply your foundation over the moisturised face. The oil as a base will help give a natural and light finish. Lightly pat powder over face to set. Fill in eyebrows and apply mascara (optional). Bronze your cheekbones for a lifted look. Apply your favourite bright lipstick. In this instance, we used Sacha Wine Up with In the nude in the centre. The finished effect will be upbeat, professional and effortless. No one will have a clue that you still in your jammies.

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