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Can you really sweat proof your makeup

Sweat, makeup’s worst enemy. Or is it. While makeup artists have the tools and techniques to prohibit shine, we can rarely do much about sweat because it is like rain – unless you have mystical powers that can control the elements.

Don’t lose hope; there are ways to keep your makeup intact even while you are feeling the heat. Here are a few quick tips

Prepare for it

  1. Use a primer under your foundation for hold and longevity. Primers also act as a barrier for anything that will come in or out.

2. Set your foundation and concealer with a translucent or setting powder to aid in the absorption of the creamy product. After applying powder, lightly spray all over the face with a misting product like MAC fix plus then reapply powder by dusting on the face to ensure hold.

3. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water to cool down your internal temperature. I’m pretty sure you heard this all your life but it no joke. Drink lots of water!

4. Finally, walk with blotting sheets, 2 ply tissue and a fan. Calm yourself with a fan, then blot after your skin is dry with a patting motion.

Embrace it

For some people, sweat is inevitable and uncontrollable and may be a deterrent for wearing makeup. However, if you follow these sweat-proof tips, you will feel more confident in your makeup and possibly even embrace it.

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